60 year old Kodachromes

It was at that time, the fastest colour film in the world. At this time Kodak Labs were processing , , , and formats. The first image ever taken of the Earth as seen from the Moon. In November of , Kodak released a special commemorative issue of 12 shots taken on the moon. It has improved colour reproduction with better separation of subtle hues of the same colour. Kodak ceases production of its other color reversal films, although stock remained, and they continued to produce chemicals. The film will be made available initially in 35mm, 36 exposure cassettes.

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Dating Kodachrome Slide Mounts. Just discovered this site. Lot of good info here. Check it out.

Guide – Woodmansterne Slide – s – from our story ‘Kodachrome A commercial Woodmansterne coloour slide dating from the late s/s.

Since the earliest days of cinema, film has been a colorful medium and art form. More than film color processes have been devised in the course of film history, often in close connection with photography. In this regard, both media institutionalized numerous techniques such as hand and stencil coloring as well as printing and halftone processes. Apart from these fundamental connections in terms of the technology of color processes, film and photography also share and exchange color attributions and aesthetics.

This publication highlights material aspects of color in photography and film, while also investigating the relationship of historical film colors and present-day photography. Works of contemporary photographers and artists who reflect on technological and culture-theoretical aspects of the material of color underline these relations. Thematic clusters focus on aesthetic and technological parallels, including fashion and identity, abstraction and experiment, politics, exoticism, and travel.

Color Mania contains a general introduction to color in film and photography technique, materiality, aesthetics as well as a series of short essays that take a closer look at specific aspects. An extensive image section illustrates the texts and color systems and continues the aesthetic experience of the various processes and objects in book form.

If prints were made from slides in 1960, would the lab have done the following?

We are thrilled to contribute to the APPO blog to talk about rare format slides. We scan a million slides a year at EverPresent and they are a fun and easy way to relive your old family trips and special occasions. Slides can be color or black-and-white. Slides are pieces of celluloid that are often framed in mounts made of cardboard or plastic.

Most mounts are roughly two-inch squares, but you can tell different slide formats apart by the size of their actual images:.

How to convert slides to digital: A complete guide Standard 35mm films, such as Kodachrome, Ektachrome, and Ansochrome transparencies, are on the top line, followed by other relevant details such as date, location, event, and more.

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Photo slide film; – kodachrome, and slide film identification guide. Photographers relish the dates printed on glass in cardboard mounts.

Home Flimsies. Articles Briefs Editorials. Classifieds Interchange. Moderators: Randy Hees , tomgears, Rick Rowlands, steaminfo. Posted: Tue Dec 09, pm. Be careful of ICE, sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t or it will leave marks that weren’t originally there. Actually, looking at the second image, the ICE leaves a bright line around the cream colored paint on the edge if you closely.

Posted: Wed Dec 10, am. As longs as you have a good image to work with, there should be minimal correction to it.

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Corvallis, Oregon Operating normally, but our drop off lobby is closed. What You Get :. DpsDave introduces Deep Vision, an advanced system that uses the DpsDave Neural Engine to produce digital images with better texture, detail and color.

Other mounts, non-Kodak? The links you provided are fantastic, but I was wondering if it was possible to find Kodachrome mounted in cardboard.

A text file with documentation can have the same file name as the digital image, but with. A photograph has much greater historical value if information is available about where and when it was taken and about any people in the photograph. This documentation and information about who provided the item for the archive are essential components of a historical archive. The term metadata is often used to describe this information about a particular item.

The information needs to be recorded in a way that can be propagated with the photograph over the long-term. Without such documentation, the information about historical items depends on the memory of certain individuals and has a high probability of being lost.

Kodachrome Slide Film – R.I.P. (1935-2009)

This past summer I came into possession of my grandfather’s 15 Kodak photo slide trays. They were neatly boxed, though collecting dust, in the closet beneath the stairs at a family owned cabin in Grayling, Michigan. They had been there for at least a couple of decades. For some reason this was the summer I decided to pull them out and take a look. As I started to view these slides, with only a magnifying glass and some harsh fluorescent light, I quickly became transfixed.

Sales of KODACHROME Film, which became the world’s first commercially Not only has this film been the choice of many families’ slide shows on their Carousel A Guide To Stamford, Connecticut’s Most Picturesque Locations From Your Friends At Camera Wholesalers Save the Date – EOS Discovery Day – July 24th!

Discussion in ‘ Photography Beginners’ Forum ‘ started by oldkodachrome , Oct 22, If prints were made from slides in , would the lab have done the following? Page 2 of 2 Prev 1 2. Oct 22, Not exactly. However, Many Fuji cameras would automatically run the film to the opposite end when you closed the camera back.

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But that is not all that makes Kodachrome unique among 35mm color films, as many of you who have collections of Kodachrome slides know. Besides reproducing the color of reality with a unique color palette, Kodachrome has also proven to be much more enduring than other color films. Any collection of Kodachrome slides stored in reasonably good conditions will have its original color and density very much intact, like some of our slides that go back 60 years.

Zoggavia collection wouldn’t be in existence without Kodachrome. Kodachrome – in brief. The additive methods of color photography, such as Autochrome and Dufaycolor, were the first practical color processes; however, these had disadvantages. Using the subtractive method, these disadvantages could be avoided. Kodachrome was invented in the early s by two professional musicians, Leopold Godowsky, Jr. It was first sold in as 16mm movie film. Kodak did all processing on Kodachrome until courts decreed it a monopoly.

Initially, Kodak sold the film and processing together and the customer paid for both when they bought the film.


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Kodak dated Kodachome slides with the development date starting in This Kodachrome slide dating guide helps determine dates of earlier slides. In brief.

Discussion in ‘ Classic Manual Cameras ‘ started by craigd , Aug 10, I have no idea what camera or lens was used to create these images, nor exactly when they were taken or by who — or even who the people in the pictures are. They were definitely taken with a classic manual camera, though. This is a set of 18 Kodachrome slides that I found recently in a Kodak slide carousel that was owned by my mother who died more than 20 years ago.

From the styles of hair, clothes, and cars, I would guess they date from around , give or take a few years. I assume they had some significance to my mom; presumably she knew the people at the time, and it’s even possible that she took the pictures, though there’s no proof of that. Anyway, I thought folks around here might be interested; if nothing else, there are a couple of attractive young women in the set. Lacking a serious scanner capable of producing good results from slides, I simply placed the slides on a light box on a copy stand and rephotographed them using a Canon 5D Mark II and a Tokina mm macro lens.

I have made no effort to clean up scratches or dirt, though I have done all the things I usually do with raw files — adjust color balance, contrast, exposure, apply a little RL deconvolution for sharpening, and so on. The results are pretty decent, though I expect a dedicated film scanner could do better. In keeping with PN’s policy against posting photos you didn’t take yourself, I’ll just give a link to my gallery.

Craig, isn’t there a date stamped or embossed on the slide mounts?

EKTACHROME IS BACK!!! 🎞 Kodak Announces the Revival of Ektachrome Slide Film at CES 2017

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